Office Furniture

Office furniture such as desks, bookshelves, work tables and office partitions can be easily moved during reflooring and remodeling projects using the Pac Rat Speed Skate or the Glide Slide Discs. Moving furniture on carpet or some flooring types can be challenging, but Gondola Train has the system to easily move your heavy office furniture. Please contact us to help determine the best solution for your project. 888-400-5227


Pac Rat Speed Skates

  • Compact design for ease of portability
  • Heavy duty transfers for greater weight distribution
  • Low profile for minimum required lift
  • Unlimited applications
  • Move furniture and fixtures on tile, cement and commercial carpet
Pac Rat Wow VideoPac Rat Speed Skate Slide ShowPac Rat Speed Skates Product Details
Pac Rat Systems - Gold, Silver and Mighty Mouse

Glide Slide System

  • Move office furniture and fixtures on commercial carpet and hard-surface floors
  • Discs have unlimited applications for offices and retail businesses
  • Polished heavy-duty thermoplastic bottom surface slides easily on carpet
  • Foam insert on top surface prevents shifting during moving process
Glide Slide System Product Details
Glide Slide