Glide Slide System

  • Move office furniture and fixtures on commercial carpet and hard-surface floors
  • Discs and sled have unlimited applications for offices and retail businesses
  • Polished heavy-duty thermoplastic bottom surface slides easily on carpet
  • Foam insert on top surface prevents shifting during moving process
Glide Slide System Product Details

Product Description

Moving office furniture and retail equipment on commercial carpet or hard-surfaced flooring can be easily accomplished with the Gondola Train Glide Slide Discs and Sled. The heavy-duty discs and sled have unlimited applications for offices and businesses.

Position 6″ diameter discs under each furniture leg and easily push the furniture on carpet. The industrial grade thermoplastic bottom surface has a slick finish to slide without difficulty on carpet. The foam insert side of the disc will stabilize the furniture legs so they will not slip off the disc while being moved.

The Glide Slide Sled is designed for equipment without legs, such as filing cabinets and safes, and other equipment that requires more uniform weight distribution during moving. The polished surface slides easily on carpet or hard floors while the foam insert assures the equipment stays on the sled during the moving process.

Use the Glide Slide discs or sled to move:

  • office furniture
  • point-of-sales counters
  • safes
  • filing cabinets
  • work counters
  • refrigeration units
  • other heavy fixtures, furniture or equipment

Though the Glide Slides are designed for moving office furniture and heavy equipment on commercial carpet, they could also be used on hard surface flooring.

Recommended Accessories:

Contact our office for assistance in determining the number of discs or sleds needed to move your furniture or equipment. 1-888-400-5227